Frequently Asked Questions

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What is LC Privacy Glass?

LC Privacy Glass is produced by laminating two pieces of glass over an electrically switchable LC Privacy film. This film contains a mixture of Liquid Crystals and white polymers which diffuse and scatter the light when in the Unpowered / Default / Privacy mode. When electricity is applied to the film, the Liquid Crystal particles align and allow light and vision to pass through to the opposite side, thereby making it transparent.

How do I control my eGlass Window?

Your window is user-controlled with a simple wall switch that is provided with your window purchase. (eGlass Windows are also compatible with other smart switches and technologies including mobile and voice-control devices such as Alexa and Google Home.)

When switched ON, glass is Transparent — when switched OFF, glass is Private.

What is Haze?

In its transparent state, switchable smart windows never reach 100% clarity. There is always a certain amount of “haze” or cloudiness when in the “On” state. This varies by manufacturer, manufacturing processes and materials, and can be minimized by the lighting conditions and environment it is viewed in. (See "Tips for Minimizing Haze" on the "DOWNLOADABLES" page.

What types of windows are available?

We currently offer fixed vinyl windows through Operating windows or windows made from other materials, such as wood or aluminum, are available from our parent company, Innovative Glass Corp. Call (888) 863-4527.

Are eGlass Windows made with safety glass?

Yes. eGlass Windows are made using laminated safety glass on the interior and tempered glass to the exterior. Each window is produced with a minimum .030 interlayer and therefore complies with ANSI Z97.1 (Class A) and 16 CRF 1201 (Category II) safety requirements.  

How do I measure my windows?

For step-by-step instructions, go to the "MEASURE" page.

Why are two dimensions shown for each size?

To properly order your window(s), you will need the correct width and height dimensions. Your order will be based on the FRAME size (tip-to-tip dimensions) of the window.

The ROUGH OPENING dimensions will be provided after you have made your frame size selection which is a minimum of 1/2" to a maximum of 1" larger than the frame size in both width and height.

What if my window size isn't listed?

If you don't see the size you need on this website, please contact us. We can customize your windows in nearly any size, with many other available options. Call (888) 863-4527.

Does Innovative Glass Corp do installations?

No. We recommend that you use a reputable contractor and electrician.

Can I install my windows myself?

It is possible to do this installation on your own if you have the proper skills. Otherwise it is recommended that you hire a licensed contractor to do the installation.

Can I remove the nailing fins?

Yes, nailing fins are easily removed.

Are installation instructions provided?

Yes, we provide downloadable instructions and important documents on the "DOCUMENTS" PAGE.

How will my order be shipped?

We will ship your order right to your home via UPS/FedEx or various LTL freight carriers. For more shipping information, click on THE "SHIPPING POLICIES" link in the footer of the website.

Can I pick up my order from your factory?

Yes. You can pick up your order from our Plainview, NY location. Please call (888) 863-4527 to schedule a pick-up time.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

eGlass Windows are built-to-order which takes from 4 to 6 weeks. Shipping time varies depending on delivery location.

What is the cancellation or return policy?

For a full refund, orders must be cancelled within 24 hours of being placed. After 24 hours orders may NOT be cancelled. These windows are made-to-order and are not returnable. 

Does Innovative Glass provide a warranty?

Yes! You can download your warranty on the "DOCUMENTS" page.